Co-op Responsibilities

Basic obligations of co-op families are:

1.) Parent Helping
ReadingChild Center parents help the teachers with the morning program approximately once a month. Duties include assisting children with coats and dressing, supervising play, reading, preparing snack, and cleaning up. The parent helping experience allows parents to observe their child’s growth, development, and interaction with other children, as well as get to know the other children.

We understand that not every family has the flexibility to participate in parent helping and we have several options available to help.  If you are unable to attend on your assigned day you may trade days with another parent or hire an approved substitute for $35.  If you feel parent helping will not be possible for your family you may choose to hire a substitute helper for the year for $350.

2.) Cleaning
Each family is asked to thoroughly clean the school one or two weekends per year. This usually takes two to three hours and can be done any time after school ends on Friday and before school starts on Monday.  Families typically bring their children to play while they clean.  If you prefer to hire a school-approved professional cleaner, you may arrange to do so with the school director.

3.) Maintenance
Each family is responsible for 10 hours of maintenance each year. Maintenance can include basic building repairs, additional cleaning, small projects, committee chair or board member positions.  Parents may elect, at the start of the year, to pay $250 in lieu of the maintenance work requirement.

4.) Fundraising
We hold two annual fundraisers in which all families are expected to participate. Our biggest fundraiser is the fall Clothing Sale.  During this extremely popular community event, people donate or consign gently used clothing and/or are able to purchase great clothing for reasonable prices. Our other major fundraiser is the May Fair in Woods Hole, where we sell lobster rolls and homemade lemonade. Both of these events are as much fun as they are work, and provide opportunities for the parents to get to know each other better, as well as, raise money to operate our school.